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My coworker and I pass by this geocache location every day, but we could never figure out where the cache is. Since we planned to have dinner in downtown tonight, Kit and I brought along our GPS gear to try finding this cache during weekend hours. The dinner was delicious! Kit got to try some raw oysters from different regions and I had some very tenderly grilled giant scallops. Originally I was hoping that this would be a “celebration” dinner for Kit. Unfortunately, we still haven’t heard anything yet about his interview this Tuesday. So, this has become the “Pre-celebration” dinner!

We walked over to the park area and we could see some muggles around. I tried to pretend that I was just looking at the signs, but it was very obvious that Kit was looking for something in the area. Not long after that, we saw someone approaching us with a GPS. “Geocaching?” the guy asked. Interesting, this is my first time ever meeting another cacher in the midst of finding a cache. It was actually very fortunately for us to have met this experienced cacher. It took him only a few minutes to find this “nano” cache. Kit thought the cache looked suspicious but he didn’t think it could be it, but it was! So, we finally found it, with the help of another cacher from Phoenix. Later on, we followed him to another site and find another cache in a few minutes too!

Tuesday budget dates!

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Even though we have a tight budget now, I still find it very special to go out on a date with the husband. In order to make the best use of our money, we went out on a date last night for less than twenty bucks! Thanks to the Tuesdays’ promotions at Rubio’s and the drive-in theater. At Rubio’s, they have $1 fish tacos for Tuesdays; and at the drive-in theater, the admission is only $4.25 per person! Kit is subscribed to Rubio’s email list, and we even have coupons for free tacos with any purchase. So, we had a total of eight fish tacos at Rubio’s for a price of $6.50 for dinner (I only ate 2.5 fish tacos). Also, we get to see ‘Bourne Ultimatum” last night for a total price of $8.50. So, our date night cost us $15 in total (of course it would be more if you add the cost of gas). It was a very enjoyable evening and it was especially fascinating to watch Kit indulging the 5.5 fish tacos…

you can never be too cautious

Blogged under Job stuffs by schung on Wednesday 25 July 2007 at 2:34 pm

I can’t figure out why, maybe I was catching too many errors that they made in their report or maybe they didn’t like how I question their approach of doing things. There has been a very weird vibe going on between us and them. I was so beat up today. My energy was completely drained after the meeting. Somehow I suspect that he might have caused the failure of the laptop intentionally. Man, you can never be too cautious of lawyers……………..

I’m an aunt again!

Blogged under Dailies by schung on Sunday 22 July 2007 at 3:38 pm

My brother told me tonight that my niece was born! It’s a few weeks early, so we were surprised when we heard the news. The name he thinks he will choose is more feminine this time. So, no more being named after the tea house story to tell anymore. I don’t know if they’ve decided on an English name or not though. Can’t wait to see her pictures.

50% off

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There are six people in our division. One person only does maps. Another person retired. The boss took a three-week vacation. The engineer is taking a few days off starting tomorrow. Our do-it-all guy will be off this Thurs and Fri. All that’s left is just me and another guy. I should just call in sick……………

It’s been very tiring for me to cover other people’s work when they are away/gone and I wasn’t totally in the loop. I didn’t have lunch until 4pm today. I need a better raise.

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